Wink & Sandy Martindale

Dearest Toni,

After arriving home last evening, Sandy and I are still battling to “come down” from the “high” generated by your sensational TRUMPTACULAR.

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. So much so….that we truly hated to see the weekend come to a conclusion. Go Trump / 2020

Was totally engrossed in your book while flying cross country. “Page Turner” is an overused cliche. But in the case of
“Unstoppable Me”….it is the most apt description I can think of.

ReadIng the book is like having a one-on-one chat with you personally. (Onassis and Howard Hughes stories among my faves).

Sandy is already planning to purchase multiple copies for Christmas and birthday gifts.

Mega Kudos to you….and thanks again for introducing us to Mar-A-Lago.

Best blessings,
Wink (and Sandy)