Unstoppable Me

The revealing, no-holds-barred memoir of Toni Holt Kramer captures the glamour of Hollywood and the power of Washington. The drive and determination of this warrior in five inch heels, the men in her life, and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter are just a few of the ingredients that make up UNSTOPPABLE ME. Born to a mother that cherished her and a father who deserted her, Toni became a Hollywood news reporter and television personality as famous and dynamic as the people she interviewed. Frank Sinatra, Rock Hudson, Dean Martin and Cary Grant are just a few of the stars who befriended her, while Aristotle Onassis and Richard Burton were interested in more than just being her friend. Torn between her friendship with Hillary Clinton and the man she believed in, Toni introduced the TrumpettesUSA to the world with the goal of helping Donald Trump become President. Toni’s story of perseverance and how she endured her son’s tragic descent into drugs are an inspiration to all. Her relentless resolve in the face of adversity is remarkable. Toni Holt Kramer truly defines the word “UNSTOPPABLE!”


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